Main/Baseline Profile H264Encoder
IFrame Only H264Encoder

Main / Baseline Profile HD H264 Encoder


EyeLytics Main/Baseline Profile High Definition H264 Encoder IP core has been developed using an optimized heavily pipelined architecture. This architecture gives our H.264 Encoder IP core a 2x performance advantage over our competitors using similar amounts of logic blocks. Our H.264 Encoder IP core is developed with the whole system in mind. This makes our interface system optimized and easy to use. The H.264 Encoder IP core is fully verified in the lab with a real life surveillance system and application. Please check out our multi-stream camera demo.

Main/Baseline Profile High Definition H.264 Encoder IP core Features:

  • Supports image sizes from 176x144 up to 2000x2000 resolutions.
  • Multi-channel is supported by time sharing the encoder.
    • Each channel can have different resolution, quality and frame rate.
    • Main Profile and Baseline Profile dynamically switchable between channel.
    • There is no limit on the number of channels sharing an encoder.
  • Constant quality. There will be no degradation of image quality with complex scenes. Instead, the frame rate is adjusted to achieve the best image quality. This feature is very important in surveillance applications which often prefer a clear image over smooth motion.
  • Varible bit-rate with peak limit
  • Low latency. Less than 32 lines of delay from the end of video input frame to the end of encoded bitstream.
  • High compression
    • CABAC or CAVLC
    • deblock
    • all 9 Intra 4x4 Luma modes
    • all 4 Intra16x16 Luma modes
    • all 4 Intra Chroma modes
    • single slice operation
    • all 4 inter prediction macroblock partitions
    • all 4 inter prediction sub-macroblock partitions
    • skip macroblock
    • search window of 240x128 pixels
    • half pel and quarter pel search
  • High performance
  • Low Gate Count